Contrasting Minimalism

Photo © Aria Sadr-Salek
Photo © Aria Sadr-Salek
Photo © Aria Sadr-Salek
Photo © Aria Sadr-Salek
Photo © Aria Sadr-Salek
Photo © Aria Sadr-Salek
Photo © Aria Sadr-Salek
Photo © Aria Sadr-Salek
SNOW Architecture
Ing. Fabio Hasslwanter, Dipl. Ing.In Linda Neuweiler

In a rural area, surrounded by greenery, the proximity to nature could not be more present. Encircled by the property’s tree population, stands now a building in a class of its own, which elegantly blends into nature with its serene natural larch wood facade. In the planning process, the desire for plenty of community space and family life, the connection to nature and sustainability were key factors. The strategic use of contrasting materials such as wood and concrete resulted in a functional minimalistic building with clean interior design that captivates with stylish down-to-earthness. Generous glass elements illuminate the interior of the wooden building with natural light and allow views from east to west, blending the transitions from inside to outside.

The heart of the house is the exposed concrete core. It not only acts as a puristic style element, but also as a mediator between the different rooms. The natural heat storage capacity of the concrete is efficiently utilized through the built-in fireplace, which at the same time provides visual connections within the living spaces. In other places the concrete core functions as a staircase and provides integrated spots for working and relaxation.

The adjacent black steel gallery reflects the desire for an open concept of space, creating a link between the ground floor and the attic. Additional sitting accommodations next to the windows give the residents a feeling of being outside while inside.

The air-to-water heat pump and a photovoltaic system on the roof, including storage capacity, ensure autonomy of electricity and heat supply and thereby complete the sustainability concept.

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