Office in the 7th District

Office with Chesterfield sofa
Photo © Christof Wagner
Entrance area
Photo © Christof Wagner
Office with wall decor
Photo © Christof Wagner
seating area in the conference room
Photo © Christof Wagner
Overview of the conference room
Photo © Christof Wagner
Hidden bar in the office
Photo © Christof Wagner
Wet rooms cleverly concealed behind wooden wall
Photo © Christof Wagner


Wishing you generic happiness is written on a picture that was placed in the center of the space by its owners. Not a specific happiness but a generic, all-encompassing one is the object of the design. Archisphere masters this challenge by inverting the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The fully refurbished office in Vienna's 7th district can be described as the opposite of a generic office. An unrenovated old building was transformed into a unique space for successful, individualistic lawyers and real estate developers. What sets this space apart are not just the elegant features of a professional office, but the personalized feel-good elements used to generate pleasure. In addition to usability, seriosity and design, art and music also play a central role. Professionalism and passion are combined here.

Even the unusual sculptural wall in the entrance area provides a simple introduction to the historical structure with its high ceilings, but at the same time it conveys a stylish distinction. Visitors are gently guided into the office along a slight curve. The necessary wet rooms, which are accessed through a wallpaper door, are cleverly concealed behind it.

Each of the spacious offices that connect here is individually designed. Thus, the personal characters of the customers have been meticulously catered for. There is a cozy Chesterfield sofa and art that makes you smile, and guitars and a high-end hi-fi system for music enjoyment. This project was also about creating space for some pieces from the partners' extensive art collection. In this way, the works complete the high quality of stay and provide free space for thinking. Everything is embedded in a color play with contrasts: the warm gray walls together with the dark gray curtains meet white ceilings and historic box windows, and together with design classics this composition results in a professional and at the same time pleasant working environment.

These two elements can be found in the meeting room. As an elegant, spacious meeting room, it is ideal for concentrated negotiations or personal discussions. At the same time, it is suitable as a comfortable lounge area. A pleasant sofa landscape, a secret bar and the hi-fi sound system allow you to enjoy a club atmosphere. A perfect place for a dinner from the well-equipped kitchen or to end the day with a glass of whiskey.

Competent and at the same time comfortable; personal and at the same time classic. Just - generic happiness.

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