Günther Domenig: Dimensional

Günther Domenig: DIMENSIONAL is an exhibition at four locations in Carinthia that for the first time presents the architect’s work as a comprehensive show, contextualised through contemporary artistic and architectural positions.

The Museum of Modern Art Carinthia explores the relationship between art and architecture, while the Architektur Haus Kärnten focuses on Günther Domenig’s impact on contemporary architectural production.

The Domenig Steinhaus and Heft / Hüttenberg are themselves exhibition objects and will be directly activated by artists.

The physicality of the Domenig Steinhaus will be investigated through the medium of performance, curated by the Tanzquartier Wien.

The former regional exhibition centre at Heft will be opened up to the public again for the first time in decades and features contemporary artistic interventions and works by students from selected art and architecture universities.

The exhibition is accompanied by two books published by JOVIS Verlag. The first publication, appearing in June 2022, creates a dialogue between of over thirty Domenig buildings photographed by Gerhard Maurer and an essayistic exploration by the contemporary writer Anna Baar. The second publication retrospectively documents the exhibition, the lectures and the artistic works and also includes texts by relevant architectural theorists. This and other content will be made permanently accessible to a broad public in the online archive from 10 June on.

Z-Sparkasse (Foto © Stefan Oláh)
12 June to 16 October 2022

Architektur Haus Kärnten
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